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Beast Released


Well, Beast is finally out and from the response it received at its premiere all its aims where met. For those who haven’t yet seen it, here’s the youtube upload.

The time spent working on the story was worth it, and it has indeed turned out to be an emotional film. As such the facial animation played a key role and as someone who’s watched it without, it makes a big difference. Of course the time spent trying to get it done in time for the Europe Machinima fest wasn’t worth it, as it didn’t get nominated but I’m hoping this flic is of a level that will see a Binary Picture Show film doing alright at other festivals. Thanks a lot to the guys at Machiniplex.com for organising the release event, and you can see a high quality stream of it over there, or at Stage6. Stay tuned cause I should soon be posting some notes on the film’s production for those interested in how the creation process went.

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