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Back from the Front


It’s been extremely hectic here at The Show over the last few months but finally things have cooled down and I can get back to updating this blog and working on our next big film.

Some of the work we’ve done recently, you will know about, whereas others have been kept fairly quiet. Shortly after finishing Roommate Wanted I started another commissioned project for Antics Technologies. Very much like RW, the aim was to make a film that showed some of the strengths of the tool and show how accessible it can be. For anyone who has used Antics (there’s a free version now, so you really have no excuse if not) it has some great benefits such as simple set construction and the great way the characters can interact with objects and scenery. Everytime I use it I end up thinking it’s very much like The Sims 2 without all the annoying things you have to do to get the characters to behave.

One thing that was very difficult to get around though, was the basic lip sync and lack of facial animation, and of course using one of my favorite Reallusion products to fix that was not a big option in this case. Regardless, I think it turned out quite nicely. It’s actually been out for a few weeks now, but because I’ve been so deep in another commission and recently moved house, I could only announce it now. It’s called Anonymous Coward and you can catch it in the Antics Cinema (where you will also notice a film by CJ Ambrosia). The guys at Antics seemed quite pleased with it, so hopefully you guys will enjoy it too.

The third project was a big one. Unlike the previous two which I was easily able to do alone, this project had a much bigger budget so really needed the team and as always, Dreaded Kane emerged from the bat cave and rolled up his sleeves (for any1 who doesn’t know, Kane is a long standing member of the Justice Lea – er.. Binary Picture Show). The film was called Peter’s Story, and was unlike anything I ever imagined us doing. This was a 6 minute information video and as the title suggests, it’s a narrative film and I worked very closely with Professor Paul Foley of De Montfort University (going to last years UK Machinima festival was very worth it).

It was great to do (first ‘useful’ thing we’ve done) and everyone loves money, but now that’s over I can get back to writing films with lots of swearing, angst, and possibly some nudity until the next such project comes along. For ages I’ve been meaning to fix up our website, so that’s a big priority too.

I’m resuming work on the project I started shortly after BEAST. It’s a Sci-Fi film in which I hope to use Daz 3D character models . Yes, they’re way too high in polycount, but tomorrow I hope to shed some light on it all (should be very interesting), along with the part the recently released Craytalk 5 will play in the film.
What’s more, I was given a sneak peak at Iclone 3 and it’s got me very excited!
But enough for today. check back later for more happenings at Binary Picture Show and my thoughts on IC3!

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“Back from the Front”

  1. On March 8th, 2008 at 4:26 am Ricky Grove Says:

    Can’t wait for you to get back to the angst and swearing and nudity. It’s what you do best 😉