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Progriss Riport


Well, it’s been a busy time since I found out I got a new job, and although it’s going to get a lot busier in the coming weeks as I have to start packing, I might actually have an opportunity to do a fat chunk of work on Digital Memory before I go!

Even if I’m really busy once I start the job I’ll hopefully still be able to do it on weekends, and Kane has said he’s still willing to do 3d work even though he’s gotten pretty involved in a few coding projects.

Right now I’m preparing the main character, Avatar One, (I’ll hopefully release some pictures before I go) and I’m stilling pinning down the final technique I’ll use for the other characters. One problem I ran into was the fact that even though I can reduce Daz models to a nice smaller polycount, I don’t like their faces when the head gets below 4000 polys, and considering what I’m trying to go for, thats a bit too much for a head. This means I’ll most likely have to use heads from elsewhere but this becomes a bit of a problem if the character isnt wearing a buttoned up shirt, cause you can then see where their neck was cut. But I’m working on it.

Also I have had a VERY quick tinker with Iclone 3, and am VERY pleased. As with Beast, Digital Memory needs to be made in 2 different environments. Motionbuilder was the first, but for the other I was looking at Iclone, Sims 2, Antics, Or Second Life.
Because of the abundance of assets I really wanted The Sims 2, but having used that briefly before, it’s not my favorite Machinima environment. Second Life would have been good for all the readily available outdoor locations, but I’m not very good at working with Second Life and my computer really isn’t tough enough to record smoothly in there anyway.

So it’s between Antics 4 and Iclone 3. Both tools have made some great improvements lately. Antics has a new lighting system now so it looks way less pre-vissy and more Machinima-ee and I’ll be installing that on my computer later this week. Iclone 3 has a mad torrent of new updates, and since it has a bigger range of 3D assets, it really looks like I’ll be using that. BOTH tools have Google Sketchup import abilities and that’s essential in this project. More details as I get more comfy with both tools.
Right now I’m really impressed with the new things that Iclone 3 has added. Of big use to me will be the improved camera system and more integrated animation system (now with IK, WOOT!)

Before I leave I have to get some voice recording for Digital Memory done. Will be much harder to find Brits over in Canada and I definitely want some home flavor in the film. Unfortunately that means I’ll have to finalize some areas of the script slightly earlier than I’m ready, but it’s worth it. Just need to multitask.
Cross your fingers for those screenies of Avatar One. He’s being reduced (and re-done in places), and then his rigging might be a slightly complex process cause of his wires and hydraulics (yes, he’s a robot!). Lets hope I can get it right :-s

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“Progriss Riport”

  1. On August 3rd, 2008 at 5:55 pm Ricky Grove Says:

    So glad you are continuing to work on the project. And I think IClone3 will work well for you as I’ve been tinkering with it all week. The new improvements are superb.

    I can do a decent British accent, so if you are stuck let me know and I’ll help out all I can.

    Good luck packing and getting ready for your new job!

  2. On August 3rd, 2008 at 6:42 pm Dr. Nemesis Says:

    No Ricky, I’m writing a character specially for you, you special guy, haha. Really though, I think you’ll love the role.
    But for now I must keep my lips sealed!

  3. On August 3rd, 2008 at 10:16 pm Ricky Grove Says:

    Me and my big mouth. Hehehe! Say not more say no more.

  4. On August 7th, 2008 at 3:44 pm Overman Says:

    Word has it Matt Kelland has a monster roster of British voice talent, you might want to connect with him regarding those VO needs.

  5. On August 9th, 2008 at 5:50 am Dr. Nemesis Says:

    Thanks Overman, I’ll talk to him.

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