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Dead Computer


Well, sods fucking law came into action today and my computer died without any warning only a few days before it’s supposed to get packed up to go to Canada. It powers up, but the monitor doesn’t turn on, and it doesn’t actually boot into Windows. How do I know that? A recurring sound, like the computer is looking for something it can’t find. If it was the hard drive I would see a screen that says the primary boot device can’t be found and the computer would try and find the alternatives, like the CD drive (thank the lord, cause the hard drive is more valuable to me than all the other hardware three times over). If it was the gfx card it’d boot into windows and eventually stop making noise. I wouldn’t be able to see that, but It’d at least stop making the noise! I’m guessing either the CPU is f00ked or something on the motherboard popped it’s clogs.
There probably isn’t enough time to fix it before it gets picked up and even if there was there’d be no time left to use it so it looks like I’m gonna be hauling a dead computer halfway across the world!
This unfortunately means there’ll be no preview pics of Digital Memory before I leave (and once I’m in Canada I think it’s gonna take me a while to settle enough to continue) so I’m really pissed off! I’m so angry right now I can’t even find the fucking words!!!

Anyway, with luck, it’s definitely not the hard drive, and once I get the comp fixed I’ll be able to resume work on it. For now I’m lucky Lady Mainframe has a laptop.

Reallusion Interview


This one came to my attention a little bit late as I’ve been so busy, but theres a lovely little interview, that John Martin of Reallusion gave me when he was here in London, talking about Reallusion stuff, and Machinima in general. Enjoy!

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