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Small Scale


Well, my move to Canada has gone pretty smoothly although my main computer is not only still broken, but is also somewhere out at sea on it’s way here, waiting to be taken back into my arms so I can get it fixed. In the mean time I bought a lovely little Eee PC 1000H (£50 cheaper here than in the UK)!! I’ve had my eyes on an eee ever since they released the 701. I always thought my main computer was way too overkill for surfing, email and blogging. It needs to be preserved for Machinima!!
I’m pretty sure all my script writing will be done on this little beauty now.  Unfortunately that’s all I can do till I get my computer, other than maybe make some vanilla Quake 2 movies (and I doubt that’s gonna happen).
Now that I’ve got my hands on a little bit more money I’m hoping I can get all the 3D models I wanted for Digital Memory from turbosquid. I got some great 2D images for the robot’s operating system from Renderosity before I left the UK but I won’t have a chance to play with them till the rest of my stuff arrives, and of course those preview pics of the main character are no closer to being released at the moment.

Atleast I’ve been nicely distracted at work, it’s just the after hours I’m trying to fill now.  I’m a little bit worried that if I start writing other stuff I’ll switch my attention from Digital Memory and never return, which would be unfortunate considering how big a step up it is from BEAST, but we’ll see what happens.

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