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Broke, but not dead!


Well, it’s been a while since the last update (starting to become the norm for me) and theres been some good news and bad. The Good is, as some of you know Beast won an award at the recent Machinima Expo held in Second Life. I’m pleased about that, but I couldn’t attend, which leads me on to the bad news.

My computer is at the end of it’s journey, its broke and I need a whole new one.  Considering all the things I’ve had to spend money on moving to a new contry, I won’t be doing that for a little while.

It’s not all bad though. The harddrive is intact so all my hard work is just in stasis, AND I’ve managed to install my Motionbuilder on the 2 and a half month old netbook thats been keeping me sane so far, and it runs!!

Yeah, it works on my Eee 1000H

Yeah, it works on my Eee 1000H

I obviously can’t rock the same polycount on here than I could on the PC, and if it was the latest version of the tool it might not run as well, but atleast I can do bits. I just need to get Milkshape 3D on here and I can get some content in there. Sets, props characters, etc. I can’t actually make Digital Memory on here. I can either do the simpler parts (design the Robot’s somewhat intricate HUD for example) or I can start on something new until the new comp works it’s way into existance. If I take that route, the film prolly wouldn’t be pretty, but maybe that would be an added chance to focus on creativity, who knows.