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Finally, some action!


Well, I managed to get a new computer a few weeks ago and I’m finally just about up to speed and ready to start rolling again. I just couldn’t let the Christmas break go to waste! What I realised once my old computer broke was that it was hopelessly out of date. I’m surprised I used it to make my living only 6 months ago!

The new computer means everything is running as fast as it should! That specifically means Iclone 3 is running properly now. I didn’t get much of a chance to use it when it first came out, due to my relocation and then computer death, but I’m gonna get to know this beauty real well over the next few weeks. If you take your time with version 3 you can really make some pretty stuff. The example scenes that come with the program are great.

So finally, I can soon start including screenies and videos in these posts again. It’s been ages, and although the process will be slow it’ll be a fun journey none the less!

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