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Always looking for a bargain!


Well not me, cause I’m a long time user of CrazyTalk now, but I’ve come out of my hole to tell the remaining few who are still unaware, that theres still some time to catch the Crazytalk sale at Daz.com

In a field were facial animation can be so hard to come by, and so hard to do, (if even possible sometimes) I think I can say CrazyTalk has probably done the most for Machinima. How alive can a character really be without facial animation? For those of us who don’t have character after character wearing helmets, CT continues to be a great tool and although I haven’t released anything to show in a while, it’s probably the tool I play with the most.

The sale ends on April the 17th, so thats enough time to try the demo and see what it can do for you.

In other news I’ve recently took advantage of a few OTHER bargains myself and bought some character models from aXYZ Design for my Sci Fi film, Digital Memory. After a lot of thought I’ve limited the amount of Daz3dness that I’m using in the film, simply because of the amount of time it’s been taking to get the models prepared. Needless to say I have less time on my hands now than I used to, but every weekend I make a tiny bit more progress. Really I just want to make enough progress to be able to release some pictures, but progress is slow when theres this much technical experimentation going on.

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