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Making Superheroes Better!


Well, I’m quite happy with how the JLA/Avengers test vid looked, and of course I think the cast went great together (both the hero roster and the actors/ actresses) but Freedom Force (and it’s sequel) are relatively old games now. Truth be told, I’m a little bit of a sucker for the old blocky look of certain games, especially once the games themselves have found a place among my favorites. However that kinda bias can be one of the things that leads to people making crap Machinima… and loving it. For example a Halo fan seeing a shit Halo Machinima but thinking it’s God’s very own message simply because he’s so hopelessly besotted by the game itself.

So with that in mind I wanna make something that looks decent, but still has that oldish charm that I love from the game. So I went in to do some smoothing on the meshes.

The cape and shoulders

The cape and shoulders were the parts that needed it the most.

At first I intended to do their whole bodies except the heads.  I liked those remaining angular cause I always thought that gave the characters a Timmverse-esque appearance. Honestly once I smoothed the bodies I quite liked the look, but it caused problems that were too time intensive to fix. In the end I left them almost entirely as they were. I just identified problem areas in the models and worked specifically on those. In the end it kept the polycount down, and simplified things somewhat.

Spidey's biggest problem was his pointy shoulders. Terrible.

Spidey's biggest problem was his pointy shoulders. Visible from miles away .

It’s a tiny difference on each character, but hopefully adds up to a big benefit. I’m still nailing down story points (its really hard to tell the kinda story I want while keeping it simple enough to do in my spare hours) so it might take me a wee while longer, but I think it’s getting there.


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