Yep, once upon a time we did commissioned work. Since then we’ve moved on to bigger jobs or higher education, but here are a few of the films we did to keep ourselves fed.

Roommate Wanted

Roommate Wanted

This was a short comedy made for Reallusion and shows off some of the main features of their Machinima tool, Iclone 2.5 and facial animation tool, Crazy Talk 4.5.

Anonymous Coward

Anonymous Coward picture

Anonymous Coward was made for Antics Technologies using their popular pre-viz tool, Antics, which is now being geared to cater for Machinima artists as well as industry professionals.

Peters Story

peters story picture

This was produced for the Digital Inclusion Team. Peter’s Story was made to help demonstrate what could be achieved if a wide variety of successful best practice initiatives were joined together, to help those not in education, employment or training (NEET).